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For several years that CSK Research Solutions have been supporting implementation of research activities in Tanzania, we have had an opportunity to work with many talented and highly committed young people as research assistants (mostly as data collectors). Many of whom reported having worked as data collectors for many years (some up to 10 years) with very few having had an opportunity to receive further training in other research skills, despite their passion to advance their careers in research. Having noted this burning desire among our part-time research assistants, CSK Research Solutions initiated, in Nov 2020, CREMES Research Mentorship program.


Mentees were selected through a highly competitive process prioritizing those with a passion for developing a career as researchers, including those who had shown great commitment while working with CSK as part-time research assistants.

Through the program, mentees are not only offered with technical research skills but also other soft skills such as work ethics & professionalism, communication & interpersonal skills, time management & priority setting etc. Further, mentees are continuously mentored through research activities that they undertake, and their performance closely monitored.


Mentees stay motivated through the program’s highly motivating systems where best performers are not only offered more work opportunities but also career development opportunities in research, including further training in more advanced research skills and funding opportunities for master’s degree programs in Tanzania-based universities.

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Since inception of the program, CSK has observed significant improvement in commitment towards higher quality research deliverables among its part-time research assistants (who are all part of the mentorship program). Currently, the program has a total of 87 mentees: of whom, 67 are bachelor’s degree holders in various fields, 12 are master’s degree holders, and 8 have diplomas/advance diplomas.


The program is funded through funds obtained from research activities supported by CSK and is offered free of charge to the mentees.

To donate to our program please click the link below. Even a small amout of $5 will be very helpful to us in supporting our efforts of creating more highly-skilled and professional researchers.

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