Dr. Catherine Kahabuka

Inspiring Excellence

I offer highly affordable trainings on various research skills, both for qualitative and quantitative research methods, including in research design, data collection, data analysis and report writing. 

My training approaches are unique as I have spent a lot of time developing approaches and tools for making research concepts easier to grasp and apply among inexperienced researchers with a goal of facilitating them to produce research products of similar quality to those produced by experienced researchers like myself.

After each training, trainees will be provided with the following tools to serve as a reference when performing similar tasks in future. The tools are aimed at providing trainees with a comprehensive guidance on how to apply taught research concepts and simplifying their application in actual research activities, and they include:

  • A step-by-step guide: that offers a comprehensive step-by-step guidance on how to perform the research task.
  • Template: this is a skeleton to use when performing the research task, depicting key items to incorporate and their outline for the completed research product.
  • Scripts: these are examples of phrases that one can use when drafting various research products e.g., when drafting various sections of the research proposals and study reports.
  • Checklist: this is a quality assurance tool for double-checking whether all items were adhered by in the final research deliverable.
  • An example of a completed similar task: this saves as an example of how the final research deliverable should look like.

What I Offer

Training, Mentorship & Coaching in Research

I equip individuals and organizations with expertise and tools to collect meaningful data and conduct exceptionally insightful analyses.

Training, Mentorship and Couching in Consulting

I help individuals transform their potential into exceptional success by providing expert guidance and proven strategies for a thriving consulting career.

Career Enhancement Training

I help individuals and organizations master the essential skills for a successful career. Whether it's enhancing your communication and presentation skills, refining your strategic planning, or achieving high productivity, I'm here to guide you towards excellence.

CREMES Research Mentorship Program

Secondary to Dr. Kahabuka’s passion for research and as among efforts towards delivering high quality research deliverables to her clients at CSK Research Solutions, she initiated, in Nov 2019, CREMES Research Mentorship Program. 

Through the program, mentees are offered with not only technical research skills but also other key soft skills such as work ethics & professionalism, communication and presentation skills, time management & priority setting etc. Further, mentees are continuously mentored through ongoing research activities at CSK Research Solutions. 

To Learn more about CREMES Research Mentorship program, please visit

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